changes aheadWhile not a direct quote, the only constant today is change. Now more than ever it is difficult for mortgage brokers to stay current with all the changes in the mortgage broker industry.

When lenders send out policy changes or release product details, they are typically of a general, over-view nature, and tend to not provide the specific details required by brokers. We take pride in our research and knowledge by constantly drilling down with lenders for the specifics and facts and then carefully vet all the information for you before it is uploaded for our subscribers.  In 2012 alone we have already made more than 2400 changes year to date!

There is no question, it is a fast changing market and all predictions are it will continue to be so in the future as lenders and insurers adjust and react to: changing business, investment, and real estate markets.

For mortgage brokers to succeed, they must have quick and easy access to information and tools they need, NOW!  Don't be left behind, contact us today.

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