Should I "lock-in" my variable???

This is CALVIN's expertise.  Having a bullet-fast calculator, this mentor can easily show you and your clients if it's worth changing from their VRM or ARM mortgage to a Fixed Rate.  He can additionally describe how another variable rate product may be a financially beneficial solution for you client.  In less than 30 seconds, and with very little data, Calvin shows month-by-month, for the next five years, if it's better to: stay in the present variable, lock-in, or change to your alternative variable offering.

"Is this a good time to lock-in my Variable Rate mortgage?"  Calvin knows !!!

  • abbreviated 5 year summary report
  • detailed month-by-month 3 product report
  • incorporates changes to Bank of Canada rate
  • Full colour AND clean faxable reports
  • personalized for both you and your client