Newer to Canada and Non-Resident borrowers?

Marian is new to our cyber-office and her role to start will be to catalogue and retrieve finance options for clients that are: New To Canada,  Newcomer with Permanent Residency, and Non-Resident home buyers.  Many lenders have entered this market segment and there's far more differences in policy that there are similarities.  Marian will do her best to keep up with the changes in this fluid market.  At the same time she will give you the ability to easily look focus in on the selection of products that uniquely best suite your client's circumstances and needs.

  • 4 sets of Insurer guidelines
  • 60+ Lender Products
  • 49+ Guidelines
  • 3,087+ general policies 
  • thousands of lines of where-you-need-them footnotes

 all help you get your clients file approved as easily as possible without the delays of searching multiple sources or running the whole deal past your BDM