How she partners with you...

With NIQUIE's assistance filtering through: Self Employed, No & Low Income, products is easy!  She'll quickly guide you to the right lender for each: BFS, NIQ, Stated Income, and even New To Canada file you work on.  Because this mortgage product range is so complex and changes so frequently, Niquie will be an advisor that you go to often and with her presence right in your computer she'll be on-call 24/7/365.

In addition to superior knowledge of this extra-ordinary product class Niquie is also a whiz at comparing the dollars & cents of traditional insured options to 'B' market products.  You'll be surprised at some of her unique suggestions.

  • 4 Sets of Insurer Product details (CMHC, Genworth, Canada Guarantee)
  • 103 + Lender Products
  • 49+ Guideline Groups
  • 5,048+ General Policies
  • 11,000+ Footnotes
  • Easily sorted, your way, in seconds (Seriously!)