Our webinar times have been selected to: allow brokers in Eastern Canada to be back from lunch, those on the prairies to leave in time for lunch, and those on the West Coast to get through early morning email and phone calls before joining in.  Choose from:

    • Instant B.D.M.
    • Custom Finance Options
    • BC Compliance Made Easy 


Instant B.D.M. ( Finding the Best Lender - FAST ! )

Any lender will approve a client where the credit, income, equity, debt servicing and property are good but mortgage applications today frequently include a shortcoming in at least one of these key areas.

See first-hand how our product selection tools will help you quickly find the lender who will meet your clients' needs and give them the best possible terms and conditions. This fast-paced 75+ minute on-line presentation will cover: Variable Rate options, Fixed Rate selection, HELOC's, B.F.S., Rental, and New to Canada products.  We'll leave you impressed!register

Tuesdays at 10:30 AM ( Vancouver time ).

Custom Finance Options ( bullet fast calculations with deal saving client reports )

  • See side-by-side comparisons of Fixed rate, Variable, and Cash-Back options
  • That pesky "Is it worth paying my penalty and refinancing now?" question answered in seconds
  • Rental Offsets vs. Rent-to-Income vs. Debt Coverage Ratios - see which is better with the click of a mouse.
  • IRD calculations, quickly completed nine different ways
  • 10 year vs. 5 year mortgages – you can see the break-even in seconds
  • Personalized and customized, month-by-month financial plans that get referrals and keep clients coming back.
  • Most of our mentors have calculation capability. 
  • This 75+ minute presentation is definitely time well spent.register

.... and there's more. See how the Mortgage Mentors MAKE you money!

Wednesdays at 10:30 AM ( Vancouver time ).

BC Compliance Made Easy (and accurate)

See a live demonstration of the: easiest-to-use - and most accurate - B.C. forms preparation software package there is.  With two short screens for mortgage details, your cyber-assistant Clerise will have instantly prepared: Client Agreement, Cost Of Credit Disclosure, Form 10, and Form 11. To help make sure you include all the items, costs, and information that we're required to disclose, we've embedded policies, tips, and reminders right where you might need them.  Forms can be pre-populated and saved.  This 45+ minute presentation is one of the best on APR compliance that you'll see.register

Thursdays at 10:30 AM ( Vancouver time ).