Richard A. (Rick) Robertson

 Rick began his career as a stock-boy in an auto parts warehouse.  That position soon changed to Order Desk, from which he was recruited by the then-new Budget Brake & Muffler chain.  Seeing an opportunity for a one-source under-car parts distributor in 1975, he formed Robertson's Automotive Brake & Exhaust Limited which soon grew to be the largest warehouse operation of its kind in Canada. This growth seeded Robertson's interest in applying computers to business solutions and his company was the first auto parts warehouse in Canada to fully computerize everything from inventory control to invoicing.

Industry connections lead him to franchise consulting, during which he was approached by Investors Group to join their mortgaging program. That sparked him to review mortgage brokering and to join The Mortgage Source in 1994.  There he became the company Manager and Designated Individual for a province-wide group of 45.  It was during the mortgage product changes in the mid 90's that Robertson saw the need for simplifying lender product comparisons and built the first of the Mortgage Mentor tools.Drawing from his past experiences in software development and user applications he chose to work towards creating a package that would be easy for brokers to use and understand.

In addition to several awards as a top-producing Mortgage Broker, Robertson has been an MBABC member since 1994 and a CIMBL/CAAMP member since its inception.  He is often asked to speak at broker training and compliance seminars.