Mike, a Real Mortgage Solutions broker from Alberta:
“The product is outstanding and your commitment to continual build on the solid foundation makes this an extremely valuable tool in the mortgage market”.

Greg, a Mortgage Group broker from Vancouver:
“Thanks for taking the time to explain your software. That was without a doubt the most useful and productive 90 minute meeting I have attended since starting my own brokerage. I am blown away and will be subscribing.”

Debbie, a DLC broker from Vancouver Island:
“Ahhhhhhh...loving this new program :) :). Thanks!”

Adil, a DLC broker/owner from Vancouver:
“The webinar was great, makes me realize how much there is to keep a track of! I really liked the comparison tools & scenario builders; I have a few clients right now asking me for multiple scenarios that this will help with for sure. I’ve decided to buy the full version for my laptop and will keep the Clerise version which I bought yesterday as well! “

Marianne, a Mortgagebroker.com broker from Calgary:
“thanks for updating so quickly – I love Mortgage Mentor!”

Don, a Real Mortgage Associates broker from Burlington Ontario:
“I have an old deal I couldn't do - an owner-occupied rental. So I've been studying the Rentalsman! I think I'll start dealing with lenders I haven't used before. There's no way I could be on top of all this”.

Deb, a Northwood Mortgage broker from Aurora Ontario:
“This is sooooooo exciting. I love this.”

Jacquie, a MortgageBrokers.com broker and managing partner from Airdrie Alberta:
“Just wanted to email you to let you know that we are very pleased with the MMI program as it has provided us with increased closings with clients who are considering refinancing to lower interest rates with substantial payout penalties and it has proven to be invaluable tool which has paid for itself many times over.”

Michael, a Home n Works broker from Vancouver:
“Well I’ve been using your system for a couple days, and love it!”

Neil, a Verico broker from Surrey, BC:
“Just writing to say thank-you as your program showed a client that if she renewed today she would be in a safe predictable place in knowing where she was going for the next 5 year. If people aren’t using your program it’s their loss and their clients!”

Wayne, a DLC broker from Vancouver:
“WOW” What a great tool for the industry. Rental Properties have become the biggest problem for brokers this year and you have nailed their problem with Rentalsman. I was asking myself yesterday how Mortgage Mentor could get better than what it is. I should not be surprised (but I am) you have the ability to see what brokers need and then design it.”

Lyle, a Verico broker in West Vancouver:
“WOW! I love the program and will definitely fill in the form to send off to you.”

Lance, an Invis broker/owner from Vancouver Island:
“You are doing a great job on your program, I have a new broker who joined us and I would like to make it mandatory that all our brokers use your program, as it will be good for the new users and the existing ones.”

Fransico, an Invis broker from Vancouver Island:
“Thanks a lot Rick, the installation went flawlessly! All the best!”

Yves, a Verico broker/owner from Edmundston, NB:
“Bonjour, This is great I was able to place a few deals because of the info gather for your program!!!”

Syvie, a Verico broker from Blainville Quebec:
“May I ask you the cost to have access to your fantastic tool...If you can, I would appreciate to receive copy of your different registration options. Even if your tool is only on English …it’s worth it!”

Trent, a broker with Invis from Alberta:
“Honestly I think the program is great, originally when I used it when I first joined Invis in 06 I was not a fan as I felt the data was not reliable enough, but now it looks like you guys have tweaked it to be very effective.”

Karl, a Manager with Optimum Mortgage in Vancouver
“Congrats, no one knows more about mortgages than Rick”

Karen, a broker with The Mortgage Centre from, Vancouver:
“Thank you for your help this morning. When MM restarted it worked perfect. Thank you for the information about the desk top, I have cleared away the mess. Sorry to have bothered you so early Saturday morning, but appreciate your time.”

Nita, from CW Bank in Vancouver:
:) :) :) Thanks for all you do!