This Module will...

prepare classy finance option presentations having YOUR name, YOUR email, and YOUR phone number.  Your SIGNATURE comparison notepad is designed to show clients the financial advantages of up to three finance options - Options that you choose to present.  Your Signature will display easy to read & understand: payments, costs, & advantages of options you choose, making it easy for your borrower to decide with confidence the mortgage that's right for them.

" This utility is so intelligent that it can calculate pretty much any scenario you run through it! "

  • 5 year-end mortgage result report
  • 5 year month-by-month side-by side product comparison
  • automatically handles changes in Prime
  • 17-way Pre-Payment Penalty calculator
  • Full Colour and clean black on white faxable reports
  • Break-even of Long to Short term mortgages
  • It's Simple & Easy